Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Videographer

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1. Choose a videographer that edits in the style of video that you prefer. Consider both the visuals and audio (which is easily half the experience!). Choose a videographer who edits in the colour and lighting that matches your taste. Consider the flow of the video; do you want lots of beautiful slow motion, or high-paced fun? Do you want to include lots of audio from the day in your highlight to help tell the story, or a musical montage? Knowing your personal taste will help you to narrow down your optionsand make an informed decision.

2. Choose a videographer that compliments your personality. Do you want your videographer to get right in on the action to get the best shots, or do you want them to be in the background and as unobtrusive as possible? Making sure you choose someone who works well with your personality and is pleasant to be around will make your day infinitely more enjoyable.

3. Choose a videographer who will work well with your photographer. To avoid causing you unnecessary stress on your wedding day, make sure that your videographer is capable of getting along with your photographer. The primary job of both the videographer and photographer is to serve you well; to do so means they need to be capable of working together. If they work together, your day and keepsakes will be exponentially better than they could have been with either one of them on their own! (Bonus tip: your videographer will also need to work well with your DJ, but if they’re flexible enough to work with your photographer, they’ll most likely be the type of person who gets along with the other vendors as well!)

4. Remember that there are videographers for every personality, style, and budget. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s someone out there for you! Just like photographers, videographers often book up early, but even if you’re still planning a 2021 wedding, there’s still time to find someone that’s perfect for you!

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